Here's Our Story


My daughter loves make believe and dress-up play. When she was three she was prescribed glasses but refused to wear them because “Princesses don’t wear glasses!”

From that instant, I was determined to create a fun, new way for children to experience their first pair of glasses and Peeps Eyewear was born. I created a story about an active, brave and curious young girl who saves the day--wearing glasses. I developed Peeps Eyewear frames packaged with fun storybooks and accessories that encourage children to love their glasses not only because they are well made and fit properly but for what they can see, what they can do and what they can imagine being.

Our products encourage kids to engage in unscripted dress-up play, helping improve self-esteem and confidence by offering a unique, less commercial alternative to traditional kids’ eyewear. Our books can be customized with your child's name and hair coloring. They can believe they can be anything they want to be wearing their glasses!

If your child gets to wear glasses or just loves creative play, I hope you will enjoy Peeps Eyewear!


Our next line for boys and girls is coming soon.


Kristin Benson Ellsworth

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